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      [Pg 33]The air was clear and cool upon this height, although the city below showed dimly through a hazy veil of almost tropical heat. Everywhere there was the odour of summer flowers, the overpowering sweetness of lilies of the valley, and great branches of lilac, white and purple, brimming over in the baskets of the flower-sellers.

      Esmeralda understood this, at any rate.

      Why shouldnt I be right? she said, her brows meeting in the little frown which came when she was puzzled."I've an engagement for this eveningbutyes, I'll get myself excused, and spend the evening with you, if you really want me."

      She hesitated a moment.[20]

      He was the Three Star postman.

      She was walking slowly by his side along the closely shaven grass, and every now and then she stretched out a hand that looked semi-transparent, and gathered a flower at random, and then plucked off its petals nervously as she walked on. Her eyelids were lowered, and her lips were tightly set. Martin could but think there was a vein of obstinacy in this bewitching wife of hisa gentle resistance which would tend to make him her slave rather than her master in the days to come. He saw with pain that her cheeks were hollow and pinched, and that her complexion had a sickly whiteness. She had fretted evidently in those long months of solitude, and it would take time to bring back the colour and gaiety to her face. As for dulness, well, no doubt Fowey was ever so much duller than Dinan, where there were officers and tennis-parties and afternoon tea-drinkings, and a going and coming of tourists all the summer through, and saints' days, and processions, and ftes and illuminations in the market square, beneath the statue of Duguesclin.




      "Escaped! My God! What villainy must have been used against youso young, so helpless! Tell me allwithout reserveas freely as you want to be forgiven."