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      with grand chorus accompaniment. Then Wilse Hornback started and Hen Withers joined in singing the Battle Hymn Attest: COL. TERRENCE P. McTARNAGHAN, Colonel.

      "Whyya-as," replied Si, somewhat surprised at Shorty's unseemly levity. "I saw that thing crawlin' round, 'n' I was a-wonderin' what it was, fer I never seen one afore. I knowed Cap was a scolard, 'n' a perfesser, 'n' all that 'n' I 'lowed he c'd tell me all about it. So I went 'n' axed him."

      The Colonel praised him with words that made his blood tingle.40

      Pen lay on her bed wide-eyed and dry-eyed until near dawn. It did not lessen her misery any that a good part of it was anger at having her will balked. She accused Don by turn of callousness, of ingratitude, of folly; she tried to tell herself that he was not worth saving, but without abating any of her torments of anxiety as to his fate. It was worse than anxiety; she had a horrible, dull certainty that he would be taken as soon as it became light. Like a wilful child intent only upon having his own way, he had run blindly out into their trap.


      "But he's desperate. If he's cornered he'll fight...""Is it safe?"


      Don said: "Well ... I guess the die is cast for us now."


      "I'm not trying to protect him. I want to bring him into the prisoner's dock.""Yes, she was the common-law-wife of a young man known as Spike Talley. She will testify that Talley told her at this time that he had undertaken a job for a rich man, whose name he never told her, and that he was to get ten thousand dollars for it."