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      Pears to me she dont write as often as she might, remarked one of the players. Dessay shes amost forgot us allforgot as there ever was such a dog-darned place as Three Star.

      "Do you know," she asked, "where your cousin proposes to be day after to-morrow evening--in case you should want to communicate with him?"

      The shop-keeper and one of his assistants came out hurriedly to wait upon the great folk. Of course every one in the little place had heard and read of the great Marquis of Trafford, and of his rich and lovely bride, and felt that their presence in the county shed a luster upon it. Some ribbons were brought out and Esmeralda purchased some."Pshaw, Nan, I know he's been here, it's in your face. Who was with him; Charlie?"

      "No," carelessly said the slender beauty, and exchanged happy signals with the Callenders.XXXVIII ANNA'S OLD JEWELS

      They gathered round her, and Barker sprung to a table for water, and held it to Esmeraldas lips.


      Trafford took the duke to Lady Wyndover, and then offered his arm to Esmeralda; Lord Selvaine and Lilias brought up the rear.Good-evening, he said.


      The preparations commenced at once, and they were so vast as to fill Esmeralda with amazement.


      Johnson, the driver, lurched forward.