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      Let three or four of the men go and bring the woman here.Trafford inclined his head.

      I do wish it, he said, gravely. There should be no secret concealments between us, dearest.He had been sitting motionless so long that it was not[313] likely the new-comer would be aware of his presence. As he leaned against the saddle, he wondered who this sharer of his solitude could be. The thud, thud came nearer, and presently, in the clear evening air, Trafford saw emerging from behind a clump of trees the horse and rider. He did not move a musclenot even when he saw that the rider was a woman.

      He knew what she meant, and that the sinner had confessed her sin.

      That she is in love with you, she said, with almost vulgar frankness. You think that she would have consented to marry you if you had been a commoner, and just a mere nobody?There was much laughter, more applause, and a delightful thrill of excitement, and then Lady Wyndover looked significantly at Esmeralda, and she and the bride-maids went to change the magnificent bridal-dress for a traveling costume.


      Esmeralda stared at the lake and shuddered. She could almost see the white figure floating on the top of the silent water.I heard somewhere that you was a great lady, she saidthat you was a lady by birth and in your own right.



      No. II have only left him.


      The woman came from the bedside occasionally, but always with the same report: Esmeralda was still unconscious.