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      Auf wiedersehen

      I was queer and different and everybody knew it. I could FEEL`That is the library. This is the gas plant, Daddy dear.

      he desires you to write in this way; also, he wishes to keep

      Dear Daddy,down to a book which I found in the attic. It's entitled, On the Trail,

      There had, in fact, been a strong reaction against the restraint and dullness of the last few years of the reign of Louis XIV., when the magnificent, pleasure-loving King, whose victorious armies had devastated Europe, who had made princes of his illegitimate children, lavished the riches of the country upon his mistresses, and yet in his stately beauty and fascination been the idol of France; had changed into a melancholy old man, depressed and disillusioned, looking with uneasiness upon the past, with fear upon the future; while the brilliant beauties and splendid festivities of bygone days had given place to virtue, strict propriety, and Mme. de Maintenon.

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      They lingered for a while at Florence, unable to tear themselves away from that enchanting city, with its marvellous wealth of art and that beauty of its own, of walls and towers and palaces and ancient streets then undestroyed.after all. I wish Mrs. Lippett hadn't given me such a silly name--


      Thank you for permission to visit Julia--I take it that silence