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      Of course you were, he said, eagerly; andand so was I. Id only come back to England the night before, and I didnt know that you had changed your nameI mean, that you were Miss Chetwynde, the millionairess.

      "Sorry! No! I am gladglad with all my heart. I have waited for that."

      You will be able to rest during the journey, said Lady Wyndover. I am so glad that I arranged you should drive all the way, and not bother with trains! I hope you will find everything nice, andand Oh, dear! I have got to say good-bye now, and Im afraid Im going to break down, too! and the little woman, whose heart was of the truest metal, notwithstanding the gilt and tinsel of her exterior, put her arms round Esmeralda and hugged her just as any washer-woman might have hugged her newly married and just-departing daughter.


      Why dont you tell her so?


      He doesnt know it himself, said Varley Howard in the most indolent of voices.


      She fled; and Mr. Pinchook rose and gathered his papers together.