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      During my visit I happened to make the acquaintance of Mr. Derricks, a brother of the lawyer who had been murdered so cruelly at Canne, and also a member of the Provincial States. The poor man was deeply moved when he heard the details about his brother's death. I made him very happy by taking a letter with me for his sister-in-law, who was now at Maastricht.That six-B slotted bolt makes me think his engine hasnt anything wrong with it at all, Larry stated, finally. Furthermore, I think he put down his crate in some handygoodspot!

      On Thursday, August 20th, I decided to go once more in the direction of Tongres. As the Germans had picketed the main road along the Netherland frontier, I made a detour and dragged my bicycle across the mountain near Petit Laney, a very trying job in the stifling heat. From the mountain top I had a beautiful vista, which enabled me to see that near Riemst a large German force was encamped at which I desired to have a look. So I walked down the hill to Canne, where some crofters were trying to get their cattle into The Netherlands. These poor creatures, who usually own two or three head of cattle, had been compelled already to give up half of their stock. From Canne I cut through corn and beetroot fields to the road to Riemst. The first German sentinels were tolerably friendly.

      Im amazed at you, though. Jeff says youve got good judgment.

      Jeff dropped a wing sharplykicking rudder at the same time. Onto the trail swung their craft. Righting it Jeff gave the engine all it would take, climbing.



      He thought you might be Dick smiled as he made the response, winking broadly.As long as youre not, and Im notwhat neither of us cared to say, he turned toward the airplane, lets get together! Im here because my passenger, a buddy of mine, wrenched his shoulder climbing back into the phib and we set down here so I could leave him at the fishing shack, yonder, and go back to see what was what. He was in too bad shape to take chances if I felt called on to do any stuntsI thought I could take the air in time to catch that seaplane coming out of the fog, but it fooled me. I already know why youre here, he added, suppose we hop off in Jeffs crate and give a look-see if your friend and my war buddy need any help.


      And arent you taking any hint from the yellow tones? Sandy demanded.


      Larry realized with a pang that he was neglecting Jeffs plan.