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      "If I was ... friendly with him, do you think I'm the sort of person to give him up?" demanded Pen.

      Pen used the interim to get her thoughts in some kind of order. She began to be conscious of a sort of exaltation. Her thoughts ran: "He's in trouble! I shall not lose him now! ... Every man's hand is raised against him. He has no one but me to depend on. He's mine!" There was a terrible joy in the thought of standing side by side with him against the whole world. Her breast burned with a fire of resolution. She even had a fleeting regret that he was not guilty; if he had been it would have required her to give so much more. "I love him! I love him!" she said to herself now without shame.


      V2 supplied: a people instinct with the energies of ordered freedom, and a masterly leadership to inspire and direct them.

      [478] Montcalm au Ministre de la Guerre, 1 Nov. 1756.It was soon after eight o'clock when Ephraim Williams left the camp with his regiment, marched a little distance, and then waited for the rest of the detachment under Lieutenant-Colonel Whiting. Thus Dieskau had full time to lay his ambush. When Whiting came up, the whole moved on together, so little conscious of danger that no scouts were thrown out in front or flank; and, in full security, they entered the fatal snare. Before they were completely involved in it, the sharp eye of old Hendrick detected some sign of an enemy. At that instant, whether by accident or design, a gun was fired from the bushes. It is said that Dieskau's Iroquois, seeing Mohawks, their relatives, in the van, wished to warn them of danger. If so, the warning came too late. The thickets on the left blazed out a deadly fire, and the men fell by scores. In the words of Dieskau, the head of the column "was doubled up like a pack of cards." Hendrick's horse was 303

      "So I understand," said Danner, glancing sidelong at Pen.

      On the whole, the hucksters fared rather badly. The boys confiscated most of the stuff that was brought in, promising to pay next time they came that way. There was a good deal of grumbling, but the trouble always ended in the soldiers getting the plunder."To replenish your wardrobe."


      "Ah, don't kiss me any more," she pleaded. "I don't want to be drowned again. I want to know I'm loving you." "Are there no foes for me to face?"


      Here was an opportunity for Vaudreuil, and he did not fail to use it. Jealous of his rival's exploit, he spared no pains to tarnish it; complaining that Montcalm had stopped half way on the road to success, and, instead of following his instructions, had contented himself with one victory when he should have gained two. But the Governor had enjoined upon him as a matter of the last necessity that the Canadians should be at their homes before September to gather the crops, and he would have been the first to complain had 4[704] Vaudreuil au Ministre, 20 [?] Mai, 1759.


      "Midnight?" interrupted Judge Stockman. "That was after the murder. Can't you connect this Talley directly with the deed?"[311] Dr. Perez Marsh to William Williams, 25 Sept. 1755.