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      397She left the room with her head up and went on up the stairs. She was not at all pleased with herself though. That inner voice said remorselessly: "You have only angered him without doing Don any good." To be sure, she had seen sympathy in the eyes of some of the reporters, but they could not say anything of course that might endanger their working agreement with the detectives. At the thought of danger to herself Pen smiled. She was in the frame of mind that welcomes persecution. But her heart was full of terror for Don. She had not foreseen that the place would be overrun like this. He was so near! And the detective's order to remain in the house suggested that they suspected he might still be on the place.

      "What happened to him?" asked Counsell.Directly the Wisconsin chaps began to scatter into the woods. Si watched them as they got behind the trees and threw off their blouses and shirts. He thought at first that perhaps they were going in swimming, but there was no stream of water at hand large enough to justify this theory in explanation of their nudity. As each man set down, spread his nether garment over his knees and appeared to be intently engaged, with eyes and fingers. Si's curiosity was very much excited.

      "No, not yet; but I was thinkin' I'd tell 'em 'bout it one o' these days."

      "How're we going to git 'em dry?" asked Si, as he wrung out the last of his "wash."


      Riever stared. "Well ... I believe you are capable of it," he muttered. That at least was honest.


      All agreed that Si's head was level on the butter question, but under all the circumstances of the case they were glad enough to have the com without butter."Don! Don! Don!" she called for the last time.


      "Well, what do you propose?""Why, what's the matter?"