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      He paused again. It was hard work, this proposing to a girl without telling her that you loved her.

      Lady Wyndover leaned back and laughed.

      She rose with a sudden gesture which, it must be confessed, had something savage in it. The words, the tone, the[82] gesture, inexplicably recalled her to Traffords memory. He took her hand and drew it upon his arm.


      I think Ive got a bullet in my leg, he said. The fact is, he continued, modestly, I got into a little row at Dogs Ear Camp, and just as I was riding off a fellow fired and hit me in the leg. I scarcely noticed it at the time; but just now I felt faint, and tumbled off my horse.As we have mentioned, the agents of the King of Prussia were45 eager to kidnap tall men, in whatever country they could find them. This greatly exasperated the rulers of the various realms of all sizes and conditions which surrounded the Prussian territory. Frederick William was always ready to apologize, and to aver that each individual act was done without his orders or knowledge. Still, there was no abatement of this nuisance. Several seizures had been made in Hanover, which was the hereditary domain of George I., King of England. George was very angry. He was increasingly obstinate in withholding his assent to the double marriage, and even, by way of reprisal, seized several of the subjects of Frederick William, whom he caught in Hanover.

      "She is only just come," said Mrs. Baynham.


      Varley Howard nodded.


      "Is this only a polite way of refusing me?" he asked, beginning to be offended, not understanding that this nonsense-talk was a hasty defence against overpowering emotion, that she was not sure of him, and was desperately afraid of betraying herself. "Am I to understand that you don't care a straw for me?"