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      She put out her hand to him impulsively, and he took it, held it for a moment in his firm grasp, then bent over and kissed it.

      Thats rather high and lofty tumbling for Dogs Ear, he remarked. Sure?

      Varley smiled.

      He sprung into the saddle and rode down to the camp, Norman following him as fast as he could run. The men were coming out of the saloon, and Varley rode into their midst, pulling up his horse on its haunches. He had regained[295] something of his presence of mind by this time, and his voice was almost as clear and cool as usual as he said:

      Lady Wyndover gazed at him with a certain doubt mixed with her awe and admiration.

      I think you deserve that, sir, he said to his father, with a forced smile.The same thing, my dear Traffat least, I trust so. The woman who hesitates is won.


      The Duke of Belfayre? he said in a perfectly expressionless voice.


      Father Rodwell read aloud to her, continuing a history of St. Cecilia, in which she had been warmly interested; but to-night he could see that her thoughts were not with the book. He read on all the same, hoping that the sound of his voice might lull her to sleep. The wind had gone down as the night advanced, and the stars were shining in the strip of sky above the Pincian Gardens. Colonel Disney was pacing up and down the loggia, smoking his pipe in the cool darknessfull of saddest apprehensions.Aving brought you two gentlemen together, Ill go back to the boys, he said. Well, Miss Esmeralda, if I take anything at all, itll be just two fingers.